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March 2, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Safety and Security ready for weekend

More so than during the regular academic year, students can expect to see Safety and Security officers patrolling campus this weekend. As in previous years, S&S is beefing up security in anticipation of large turnout for one of the College's most popular weekends.

"Normally, it is a very busy weekend for us," said Sergeant Rebel Roberts, Crime Prevention Specialist for Safety and Security.

During last year's Homecoming weekend, over a dozen alcohol policy violations and five cases of assault, including one incident of alleged sexual assault, were reported.

In one instance, a Safety and Security officer was struck in the face while attempting to separate two males involved in a physical altercation.

Several cases of vandalism and theft were also reported. Among the more notable incidents was the arrest of several students charged with petty larceny after taking shopping carts from a local business.

While Safety and Security will be collaborating with the Hanover Police again this year, Roberts explained that S&S officers are usually the first to intervene when a situation arises.

She was reluctant to speculate on what kinds of incidents S&S might have to respond to during this upcoming Homecoming weekend.

According to Roberts, Homecoming weekend is just one of the times that Safety and Security engages in "event coverage" -- a plan of action for large-scale events, such as football games -- in which a greater number of officers are put on active duty.

Despite the upgrade in security, Roberts encouraged students to be responsible for their own safety by locking their doors. She also urged students to call Safety and Security if they witness any suspicious activity.

"We really hope that students report incidents that occur on campus because we can't be everywhere at once," she said.

Roberts stressed that students should be aware of services provided by S&S year round, including escorts during nightime hours and rides from A-lot for lone students between dusk and dawn.

"Our department is here to help," she said.

Safety & Security may be contacted at 646-2243 at any time using the emergency blue-light phones, located at various sites on campus.