ORL manages to ease spring housing crunch

by Deborah Bernstein | 3/28/00 5:00am

While the conclusion of Winter term brought the possibility that for the first time ever the College would not be able to accommodate all students who sought on-campus housing, Director of Housing Services Lynn Rosenblum said yesterday she hopes to have settled housing arrangements for all registered students who applied by today.

ORL was not able to accommodate students who are not registered for classes, however.

Rosenblum said that every student who applied by the housing deadline received housing by the last day of Winter term finals and that she then moved on to housing students who were late in completing on-campus housing applications.

Currently only four students with Residence terms for their D-Plans are without housing, and Rosenblum said she hopes they will be accommodated by today.

Those students are registering for classes, she said, even without housing.

The original waitlist for housing Spring term peaked at 100, and was whittled down to 26 by February 23.

Rosenblum told The Dartmouth in February that the only way rooms open up is when students already given Spring term housing cancel their contracts, and that she monitored students' D-Plans daily for changes.

Rosenblum said students not taking classes -- including seniors who were up until Spring term employed by ORL -- were not given housing in residence halls.

Some College-owned undergraduate societies, like Amarna, and Greek organizations, like Epsilon Kappa Theta sorority, added extra residents to accommodate members who were off and needed housing.

Similar housing crunches will probably arise again next fall and spring terms, she said.

Rosenblum said she hopes that while new residence halls are being constructed, the College will look into finding ways to encourage residence in Winter term to alleviate Fall and Spring term enrollments.