Lowery looks back after 20 years

by Austin Zalkin | 10/30/98 6:00am

Nick Lowery '78, who spoke about community service last night at the Hopkins Center, starred in baseball and football while at the College but did not participate in community service back then.

In an interview with The Dartmouth, Lowery spoke of his other pursuits. A government major who entered the College intending to be a drama major, Lowery made the switch because he felt the need for a more practical experience.

He cited Professor Arthur Wilson and Government Professor Vincent Starzinger as two of his favorites from his time at the College. French and Italian Professor John Rassias, who attended the speech, also holds a place in Lowery's memory, he said.

"I didn't realize that I could learn a language until I took his program," Lowery said. He said he even became a drill instructor after graduation.

Although he gave up his focus on drama, Lowery said he still acted in several productions in the Repertory Theater. He said he also played drums in a band.

An extra-curricular activity in which Lowery did not participate, however, was any type of community service project.

"The message of getting involved was something I never heard of in college," he explained. "I wish I'd had enough perspective to try it."

In respect to social aspects of the College, Lowery thinks that coeducation has "calmed things down." Lowery also said awareness of political correctness now is greater than it was during his time as a student at Dartmouth.

Lowery said his own social experience improved a great deal after his freshman year. A brother at Kappa Kappa Kappa, Lowery said he liked the fraternity "because it was very much then and now one of the most diverse fraternities."

Lowery said that he enjoyed his college experience and added that he thinks Dartmouth is a great college.