Hearing to consider Chase Field turf plans

by Andrea Haffty | 10/14/98 5:00am

Despite complaints from members of the surrounding community, the town planning board will meet to finalize plans for Chase Field renovations on Oct. 20.

Athletic Director Dick Jaeger said some preliminary work will be done this fall, but the majority of the project will not get underway until next spring or summer.

The improvements, which include replacing the lacrosse and field hockey field with artificial turf, were proposed last Spring term. The turf covering would enable athletes to use the field as early as Feb. 1 and relieve overcrowding in Leverone Field House, where practices have been held as late as midnight.

In addition, there were plans to enclose the newly surfaced field with a fence in order to facilitate crowd control and the charging of admission, which would allow the College to host post-season games in lacrosse and field hockey.

Area residents disputed this plan, saying the developments would create bothersome noise, traffic and lighting.