Article About the Collis Center's Innovations Was Not Entirely Accurate

by Mark Hoffman | 10/30/98 6:00am

To the Editor:

On October 15, The Dartmouth ran an article titled "New eateries at Collis provide good food, good times." The article used the style of a food critic reviewing the Big Green Bean and the Midnite Express. While I appreciated the in-depth and favorable coverage, I am compelled to write to ask that you correct a serious error in the article.

In the first sentence, the article inaccurately states: "... our friends at Dartmouth Dining Services have offered the student population two totally new, totally scrumptious dining experiences: the Midnight (sic) Express and the Big Green Bean."

It is true that the Midnite Express is the creation of the wonderful staff at Dartmouth Dining Services (particularly Don Reed, the Collis Cafe Manager, and his staff). Unfortunately, The D was quite incorrect when it credited Dining Services with the creation and implementation of the Big Green Bean. In fact, the Big Green Bean is the brainchild of Linda Kennedy, the associate director of Student Activities. Kennedy has worked many, many hours with students and other full-time staff members in our office (Brenda Goupee, the Student Life Business Manager and Barrett Shaver '98) to bring this wonderful eatery to Dartmouth.

I bring this error to your attention not to take away from the positive work that Dining Services has done to help us improve Collis, but to ensure that those people who have invested a significant amount of time and creative energy are credited.

It is my understanding that a request had been made that new article be written and run in The D. Instead, an offer of a correction was made (but has not been printed). I ask that at the very least, you print this letter so that the Dartmouth community is made aware of the phenomenal work and commitment of Linda Kennedy, others in my department and the student staff who bring Dartmouth students their tasty hot chocolate and other food items. I would also suggest that a follow-up article be written about the Big Green Bean, the Midnite Express and other Collis changes in which student staff are interviewed for their reactions and thoughts on the changes.