Kenyon '97 found guilty of assault

by Kathrin Weston | 5/21/98 5:00am

Jonathan Kenyon '97, who was arrested last month for assaulting a sophomore female and for pulling the fire alarm in Zimmerman residence hall, was tried at the Lebanon District Court yesterday on a charge of simple assault and fined $500.

Kenyon pleaded nolo contendere to both charges, but was found guilty of only the simple assault charge, according to Court Assistant Jane Marchetti. The court dropped the false fire alarm charge.

Although the $500 fine will appear on Kenyon's record, $250 of the fine was suspended.

The maximum fine for a class B misdemeanor, like simple assault, is $1,200.

Kenyon originally pled not guilty to the charges of simple assault at his arraignment on March 31.

He was arrested on the night March 28 for an incident with an unidentified sophomore on South Main Street.

He allegedly ran into the student, who was walking with another female friend near The Gap clothing store.

He pinned her against the handrail to the stairs in front of the store, according to Hanover Police.

The student previously told The Dartmouth that Kenyon had grabbed her face and pushed her into the railing, causing bruises on her legs. She said he was drunk at the time.

Later the same night, Kenyon was arrested for pulling the fire alarm in Zimmerman.

He spent a night in the Grafton County Jail after his arrest because he was unable to pay his $2,500 cash bail.

After his graduation last year, Kenyon stayed at the College to work in the pediatrics department at the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and to serve as assistant coach for the water polo team.

Kenyon's lawyer, William Whitten of Lebanon, could not be reached for comment.