CFSC: S&S should patrol with monitors

by Sarah Gerry | 5/4/98 5:00am

Safety and Security officers may be paired with the student monitors who patrol coed, fraternity and sorority house basements if acting Dean of Residential Life Mary Liscinsky approves social procedure revisions recommended by the Coed Fraternity Sorority Council.

The teams of officers and students would be given a list of specific violations to search for, including the absence of non-salty foods or non-alcoholic beverages, underage drinking and overcrowding. They would also check that the actual number of kegs present at a party matched the number registered in advance, CFSC president John Muckle '99 said.

"[The revisions] will promote a much safer environment," Muckle said. "Houses are going to have to be a lot more responsible about what's going on."

He said the recommendations were made partly because of "strong pressure" from Dean of the College Lee Pelton, and both Pelton and the CFSC understood that the monitoring system needs to be improved.

The CFSC also recommended more extensive training for door monitors and bartenders, Muckle said.

He said that, if the CFSC's recommendations are approved, door monitors and bartenders will have to complete "tips training."

The nationally certified program includes instruction about how to recognize and deal with "situations where people have been drinking too much," Muckle said.

Muckle said the CFSC is also working towards developing a "closed party option."

He said the CFSC would likely recommend houses be required to register closed parties and restrict the number of invites for these parties.

Closed parties would have restricted access for an entire night, a departure from the current policy that permits houses to close their parties for a few hours and then open them to the student body.

Muckle said the new option would result in "reduced risk in drinking at Dartmouth" and would create "a different social environment" than open parties.

The recommendations were suggested by a CFSC subcommittee that met with Assistant Dean of Residential Life Deborah Reinders, Director of Health Resources Gabrielle Lucke and College Proctor Bob McEwen, Muckle said.

He said Liscinsky will either approve the recommendations, which were submitted to her on Friday, or will meet with the CFSC about possible changes this week.

He said the recommendations will be submitted to Pelton this Friday.