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June 17, 2024 | Latest Issue
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'97s pledge record amount to College

The Senior Gifts Program raised a record $114,999.54 in pledges to be donated over the next four years from the Class of 1997, according to Carolyn Abruzzo '97, one of the program organizers.

Senior interns Abruzzo, Sam Keating, Christopher Laws, and Alexis White headed the Gifts program, which collected 653 pledges from 65 percent of the senior class.

The Senior Gifts Program asks members of the graduating class to pledge donations over the four years following graduation.

The funds raised by each graduating class do not go towards a physical gift, as many seniors originally believe, Abruzzo said.

Instead, the money is given to the alumni fund to be used for the current operating costs such as supporting undergraduate advising and athletics programs, providing programming and academic services for current students and providing financial aid to students.

For the first time, this year's pledge forms included an option for students to request that their contribution be used only for financial aid purposes. Abruzzo said this option encouraged many people to pledge money who might not have otherwise.

Abruzzo said the class was offered three different "plans" and the option to create their own individual plan.

The 1769 Associate Plan asked for a donation of $97 next June, $100 the following year, $200 the year after, and $300 in the fourth year. This level of donation is considered a "leadership gift" and entitles donors to a special reception during Homecoming Weekend, Abruzzo said.

The Senior Fellow Plan asks for donations of $50, $75, $97, and $150 over the next four years.

The Participation Plan asks students to donate $19.97, $40, $60, and $97 over four years.

Prior to 1993, the class was asked to make a two-year commitment rather than the current four-year plan, Abruzzo said.

With the addition of two years to the pledge commitment period, the Class of 1993 raised a record $108,000 with pledges from 54.5 percent of the class. This record remained unchallenged until the Class of 1997 eclipsed those totals this year.

"Personally, I think the '97 class is just a very special class in terms of spirit and leadership," Abruzzo said. "This is what accounts for such a successful program this year."

Abruzzo said the Class of 1997 also had a "terrific group" of about 200 captains and agents helping them in their fund-raising efforts.