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May 21, 2024 | Latest Issue
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Green Key proves to be 'unusually uneventful'

Green Key Weekend 1997 was "unusually uneventful" in terms of arrests and complaints, according to both Hanover Police and the College's Safety and Security.

Hanover Police Sergeant Lawrence Ranslow said the police handled just one Green Key-related incident over the weekend, involving the arrest of two intoxicated College freshmen in front of Rare Essentials at 37 South Main St. early Sunday morning.

David Luther, a Hanover Police patrolman, said Errik Anderson '00 was arrested and charged with alcohol possession and criminal mischief and Matt McDonald '00 was arrested and charged with alcohol possession.

Luther said Anderson "went up the stairs" of Rare Essentials and "took a nice swing with a 7-iron," destroying some potted plants in front of Rare Essentials.

But overall, Ranslow called the weekend "very quiet" and said "everyone was well behaved."

Safety and Security received 30 complaints, down from 40 last year, Investigator Lauren Cummings said.

In addition, there were five incidents of alcohol violations, including eight inebriates whom Safety and Security officers escorted to Dick's House or entrusted to individual care.

There were two reported fire alarms, down from six last year, and two cases of what Cummings called "lewd and lascivious conduct," which involved people urinating in public.

Cummings said the drop-off in incidents in the past couple of years may indicate "a more responsible and mature student than in the past."

The weekend featured a variety of band performances and parties, which attracted thousands of College students, alumni and outside guests.

And while some may have been deterred by the overcast skies all weekend and scattered showers throughout the past couple of days, most said the weekend was no different than Green Keys of years past.

Peter Lanfer '98 characterized his weekend as "pretty wet and gray and gray."

"I spent a lot more time inside than I would have" if the weather had been nice, he said.

Of note on the weekend was yesterday afternoon's Island Style party on the Green, sponsored by the Programming Board, and the annual Alpha Delta fraternity lawn party on Saturday afternoon.

The AD party featured the Z-Force Action band and Downtime, a band that has played the party for several years.

In addition to the thousands of Dartmouth students, there were many out-of-town guests on campus to enjoy the Green Key festivities.

Andy Garrison '00 invited four friends up for the weekend from his hometown in New Jersey.

One of Garrison's friends, Nick DelBueno, a freshman at Monmouth College in New Jersey, said the weekend was great, especially the drinking parties.

And many alumni were back on campus to reunite with classmates. Taran Lent '96 said he could remember better Green Key Weekends than this, especially with regards to outdoor activities.