Groups provide support for minority students on campus

by Michael A> Posey | 7/27/96 5:00am

Many support networks exist on campus which encourage understanding of minority issues.

Minorities make up about 19 percent of the Class of 1999.

The social and cultural programming from these organizations helps nurture a supportive environment for their members, and often these programs are open to the entire Dartmouth community.

The Afro American Society

The AAm provides ongoing programs designed to meet the specific needs of African and African-American students at Dartmouth.

The AAm constitution states the organization's mission to "preserve, promote and uphold African, Afro-American, Afro-Caribbean heritage."

We recognize the contributions of those who came before us and dedicate ourselves to continuing their work through means of cultural, social and political expression."

The Afro-American Society is the means through which we achieve our desired goals," said Khalid Osbourne-Roberts, AAm parlimentarian.

Freshmen are encouraged to come to the first meeting in the fall to get involved.

The AAm also serves as an umbrella group for many other organizations including: Ujima, a dance troupe and Black Underground Theater Association.

The Cutter-Shabazz Hall contains a library specializing in African and African American references and, in addition, the dormitory provides accomodations for 27 students.

Native Americans at Dartmouth

Natives Americans at Dartmouth (NAD), started in the early 1970s, has a population that stands at more than 140 undergraduate and graduate students from over 45 different Indian tribes and Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian groups.

The size and high level energy of its members make NAD one of the most active and influential organizations on the Dartmouth campus.

Activities are sponsored throughout the year in order for students to maintain ties with traditional elements of their heritage while educating themselves and others as to current issues impacting various tribes on a national level.

In addition to the annual Dartmouth Pow-Wow held every spring, a drumming and singing group was founded along with a chapter of AISES.

There is also the Native American House which seeks to integrate the academic and residential experiences of the students who live there and those associated with it.

Receptions and programs are also sponsored by the house.

Meetings are held every Thursday at 7 p.m. at the Native American House on 35 N. Main Street.

La Alianza Latina

Since its founding in 1985, La Alianza Latina has established a strong cultural, social, and political presence on campus by focusing on peer support and providing a forum for the advocacy of Latino/a issues and culture.

La Alianza Latina is an organization open to all Dartmouth students interested in Latino/a issues and culture. In addition, it is an umbrella organization for other Latino groups on campus, such as Nuestras Voces.

La Alianza Latina sponsors various activities which provide an outlet for Latino/a expression and educate the larger Dartmouth Community.

La Alianza Latina also promotes and co-sponsors many events with other Minority organizations to further the presence and understanding of the minority community here at Dartmouth.

Past events include guest speakers, discussion groups, panels, leadership activities, cultural dinners, study breaks, dances, and movie nights.

La Alianza Latina is a member of the East Coast Chicano Student Forum (ECCSF) -- a support network for Chicano/a and Latino/a students in the Ivy League and sisters schools.

Korean-American Student Association

Jay Park '98, president of KASA, wrote in an e-mail message that among the organization's goals are "to promote the interaction of students of Korean heritage" and to "educate the Dartmouth community on Korean and Korean-American culture."

KASA also hopes to lobby for a Korean language program at Dartmouth through the Korean Language Task Force(KLTF), according to Park.

In addition to working toward these goals, KASA stages semi-formals, korean food meetings and picnics with Korean children from the Upper Valley region.

KASA also sponsors an Annual Korean Culture Night.

Weekly meetings are every Thursday at 7 p.m. in Blunt Alumni Center.

MILAN -- South Asian Students Association

"The word "milan" means "meeting" or "gathering" in Hindi and Urdu, representing the essence of what we are -- a facilitated coming together of students to celebrate the richness of South Asia (including Afghanistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, and Pakistan)," wrote Roshni Alli '98 in an e-mail message.

"We hold numerous events for our members, over 150 at last count. We hold Culture Night every spring, with classical and folk dancing, poetry, and song, music and fashion," she wrote.

"Every winter, MILAN make our presence known at the gala Asian CultureFest with characteristic color, talent, ritual, and spice. The organization also co-sponser dinners and dances with other affinity groups, show movies from the subcontinent, sponsor panel discussions and speakers, celebrate cultural holidays, and more."

"Our Big Sibs program bridges the years, offering wisdom of older members to first-year student," Alli wrote.

She added, "Besides our extensive social and cultural repertoire, we encourage faculty/student interaction, and try to keep the ourselves and the broader community educated and updated on South Asia."

Milan welcomes anyone with an interest in South Asia.

"If you want to participate in shows, assume a leadership position, or just come to meetings and hang out, we know you'll have a great time," Alli said.

Alli encouraged interested '00s to come to Milan's first-year reception during Freshman Week.

Dartmouth Asian Organization

DAO serves as the umbrella organization for other student groups, such as the Korean-American Students Association (KASA), Milan (the South-Asian Society), Dartmouth Chinese Society (DCS), Dartmouth Japanese Society (DJS) and the Dartmouth Filipino Association.

DAO also holds various events and opportunities for Asian, Asian-American and non-Asian students alike to learn more about their culture, our issues and their concerns.

Weekly meetings are held with a wide range of activities, from social dinner gatherings to getting advice from graduating seniors.

During the Winter term, the Asian culture night is held, where the campus and the surrounding community is treated to an array of food, martial arts, dance performances, fashion shows, and many other events.

Each term, DAO also co-sponsors semi-formals with other student organizations on campus.

DAO also works in conjunction with the Asian-American Pacific Issues Forum (APAmIF) for programming during Asian Heritage Month in May. Oftentimes, DAO co-sponsors events on campus, from Unity BBQs to Affirmative Action Discussion Panels.

Dartmouth Rainbow Alliance

DRA provides information, support and discussion opportunities for gay, lesbian and bi-sexual students.

The Alliance also continues to increase awareness of issues and concerns facing homosexuals throughout the College. The group annunally participates in campus issues and forums.

Annual events include a drag queen ball during Winter Carnival.

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