DDS will eliminate Lone Pine Tavern menu

by David Kung | 7/25/96 5:00am

Lone Pine Tavern will no longer serve hot entrees, Collis Cafe will serve only vegetarian food and Full Fare will be completely replaced before the beginning of Fall term.

In addition, Home Plate will lose its Kosher Delicatessen and Food Court will undergo renovations.

Instead of a dinner menu, Lone Pine will serve soup and sandwiches similar to those currently served in Collis, Dartmouth Dining Services Director Pete Napolitano said.

DDS Assistant Director Tucker Rossiter said patrons can continue to order through a waiter. Lone Pine will be open for lunch.

"We might also have some munchies so there might be some chicken wings one night but it will mainly be a lot of quick and easy types of foods," Napolitano added. "Maybe nachos another night but mostly chips and pretzels."

But Lone Pine Manager Rey Ritner said most of his patrons are against changing the tavern.

"The feedback I have gotten from patrons is 'No. Change is not wanted or needed,'" he said.

Graduate student and frequent Lone Pine guitarist Jerry Goldstein agreed. "I can get a cold sandwich and a hot can of soup anywhere," he said.

Tikia Hamilton '98 said, "This is really stupid. I think that if [DDS] is thinking that they will make more money by this it will not happen."

She said cold sandwiches aren't the proper fare for a Tavern.

"I like the [current] food options of Lone Pine," Edward Kim '98 said. "Deli sandwiches you can get anywhere, at Food Court or anywhere else."

"I like the sandwich bar in the Collis Cafe area and like Lone Pine the way it was," he said.

Napolitano said the tavern was never meant to serve dinner.

"It was never designed to be an alternative place to meet for dinner," he said. "It was a social space to meet friends over a glass of beer, iced tea or coffee."

Napolitano said the entertainment offered in Lone Pine will not change.

"The programming remains the same, whether you serve dinner or soups or sandwiches," he said.

"As far as the menu goes, the people there built up a reputation. But the Lone Pine is not to do what it is doing," he said. "It became a late dinner spot. Our new late dinner spot is the Westside Buffet."

Westside Buffet will be located in the space previously occupied by Full Fare.

Napolitano said it is too difficult for employees to prepare food for Lone Pine.

"It is very labor intensive to do entrees in the Lone Pine," he said. "We are trying to ... keep the focus on programming. Dinner is a great enhancement but it is not the main one."

Napolitano said he is not surprised that some people are angry with the change.

"We are making some changes, and whenever we make some changes, people resist the change all along," he said.

Upstairs from Lone Pine, Collis Cafe will also be undergoing changes.

Collis will no longer have a deli, but it will continue to serve vegetarian meals, Napolitano said. The salad bar will remain, but with fewer options. Collis will begin serving gourmet coffees and ready-made sandwiches.

Food Court will be renovated and expanded during the interim. During Fall term Food Court will begin serving full breakfasts again.

DDS will double the size of the grill and expand the area devoted to pizza, Rossiter said. He said there is a possibility Food Court will close before the end of the term so renovations can begin.

The all-you-can eat Westside Buffet, which replaces Full Fare, will open at 3 p.m. and close at 10 p.m. except on weekends. "Students have told us that they like late lunches and especially like late dinner," Napolitano said. "They didn't like us closing at 7 o'clock like we did. This allows for late lunches and late dinner within the same time frames."

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