Trustees arrive in Hanover today

by James M> Hunnicutt | 11/9/95 6:00am

The Board of Trustees arrives in Hanover today for what should be a quiet weekend of meetings, College spokesman Roland Adams said.

"A lot of the agenda is going to be informational," Adams said.

He said the Board will convene several meetings with students and committees to learn about the status of the College to prepare the Board for the rest of the academic year.

"This is going to be the Board's first regularly scheduled meeting since June -- making it the first of the current academic year," Adams said.

Student Assembly Jim Rich '96 said he plans to address the Trustees this weekend. Rich said he will talk about undergraduate advising and alcohol on campus.

Several of the Board's committees -- like the Committee on Student Affairs, the Committee on the Medical School and the Committee on Development, Alumni and Public Affairs -- will also meet this weekend, Adams said.

The Board typically meets informally with students at a breakfast Saturday morning at the Hanover Inn.

Adams said 30 to 35 students can sign up with the Dean of the College Office to participate in the breakfast.

Adams said he could not comment further on the Board's agenda, but said it would be quiet and relatively uneventful.

Adams said all 16 members of the Board, except for New Hampshire Governor Stephen Merrill, will attend the meeting.

"Traditionally, we have not had a great deal of participation from any governor," said Adams, who attributed Merrill's absence to the hectic schedule of a governor.

Adams said most Trustees will depart Hanover late Saturday afternoon.