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April 23, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Rink '99 arrested for rushing field

Nathaniel Rink '99 became the first and only member of his class to rush the football field this year when he ran onto the field Saturday during the third quarter of the Dartmouth-Princeton game.

Rink, who was clad only in shorts and a t-shirt despite temperatures in the low 30s and occasional snow flurries, jumped out of the Dartmouth stands and raced to the center of the field in between plays.

Hanover Police Captain Chris O'Connor said the police did not initially see Rink, but the roar of the crowd attracted the attention of the officers.

O'Connor said when the officers looked at the field, they saw Rink "jumping around in the middle of the field."

The officers chased Rink to the Princeton side of the field, apprehended him and transported him to the Hanover Police Station.

Rink said he rushed the field because he was inspired by the "tradition of the school ... the alma mater, 99 laps around the fire, it seemed like the next thing to do."

"I'll probably look back at this as part of my crazy college days," Rink said.

Rink said he had thought about rushing the field throughout the first half of the game, but had decided by halftime not to do it.

But in the third quarter, he looked at the steps and did not see anyone, "and I realized this was my last chance, so I went for it," Rink said.

O'Connor said Hanover Police Chief Nick Giaccone said Rink will be charged with a violation, which carries a maximum penalty of a $1,000 fine.

O'Connor said students who had rushed the field in previous years were fined $100, but other rushers only had to pay $50.

Rink's roommate, Ramsey Donnell '99, said he was surprised to see Rink rush the field.

"I looked up and there he was streaking across the field," Donnell said.

Donnell said he thought people were "egging [Rink] on" to rush the field.