Outdoor experience won't end with trips

by Jason Casell | 7/26/95 5:00am

For freshmen who do not want the wilderness experience to end with their freshmen trips, the Dartmouth Outing Club provides many opportunities to revisit the great outdoors time and again.

Founded in 1909 by Fred Harris, the DOC has grown to include a wide range of outdoor activities.

The DOC is the largest organization on campus, with over 1,400 members, 400 of which are active. Student memberships cost $10 per year or $30 for four years.

Different departments of the DOC include Cabin and Trail, Winter Sports and Environmental Studies.

Cabin and Trail oversees the maintenance of 125 miles of trails, including nine cabins and 10 shelters.

The program leads trips throughout the year and sponsors the College forestry team, which competes with other Northeastern colleges in events based on old-style lumberjacking skills.

Winter Sports supports the Dartmouth ski team, takes part in the annual Winter Carnival weekend and organizes ski trips every winter term.

The Environmental Studies division of the DOC looks after pollution control on campus, as well as recycling and energy conservation needs.

Many other affiliate clubs give students the chance to participate in activities they may not have experienced on their freshman trips.

The Ledyard Canoe Club offers instruction in all areas of canoeing and kayaking. Memberships cost $30. They can be charged to Colleges IDs, according to summer director Mary Hollendoner '98.

Hollendoner said freshmen who did not receive their first choice canoeing or kayaking trips will be contacted at the beginning of the Fall term. She suggested interested students monitor Ledyard's electronic-mail bulletin for updated information on canoeing and kayaking trips.

"We're having trips with whitewater and flatwater canoeing and whitewater kayaking after the Fall term begins," Hollendoner said. "We will also have trips to rapids for beginners."

Hollendoner said another way students can become involved with Ledyard is through the weekly "feeds" in the fall. Interested students can attend the Tuesday night all-you-can-eat dinners for $3 without having a Ledyard membership, she said.

Other affiliates of the outing club range from Bait and Bullet, a recreational fishing and hunting group, to Boots & Saddles, an equestrian group.

The College operates Morton Farms, a modern riding facility with indoor and outdoor arenas and stall space for 24 horses.

Women in the Wilderness is an alternative for women wanting to experience the challenge of the outdoors.