Students should think twice before eating next all-beef patty

by James Giffin | 6/27/95 5:00am

To the Editor:

A student may not finish college and a child may go hungry because of the hamburger you ate. The next hamburger you eat may mean an animal species will become extinct.

Caring students can easily be a part of a "Hamburger Rebellion" and oppose cruel budget cuts and other self serving legislation by wealthy legislators -- elected (ironically) with the help of a cattle lobby financed by beef eating budget cut victims.

A large number of legislators and local officials are, in fact, cattle ranchers -- perhaps the same ranchers trying to wrest control of public lands (belonging to all Americans) from our government in order to block range reform .

Overgrazing and other, sometimes violent, abuses on our public lands are threatening the existence of many species -- as well as people and our country(the Sage Brush Rebellion?).

where rich rancher legislators or rancher-officials control or influence lawmaking bodies, conflict of interest (and the ethics involved) should be exposed.

No one can help every good cause, but victims of recent political change can silently protest and help their own cause too, without writing letters, picketing or otherwise going public. They can simply not buy a hamburger.

Next election voters can remember that the greed of the wealthy has no conscience.

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