SA's next officers decided

by Maggie Fritz | 5/9/94 5:00am

Next year's Student Assembly, headed by President-elect Danielle Moore '95 and Vice President-elect Rukmini Sichitiu '95, met for the first time Friday night and elected its officers and nominations committee.

The Assembly elected John Honovich '97 as secretary and Scott Rowekamp '97 as treasurer. Thirteen of the 23 at-large Assembly members for next year attended the meeting along with Moore and Sichitiu.

Della Bennett '96, Laura Bennett '96, Meredith Epstein '97 and Nina Nho '97 will comprise next year's nominations committee, chaired by Sichitiu. The nominations committee approves memberships to the Assembly and recommends students to serve on college committees.

The Assembly's executive committee is comprised of the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and the chairs of the Assembly's standing committees. The executive committee determines the Assembly's agenda and can approve funding expenditures up to $500 without having to go through the general Assembly.

There are four standing committees in the Assembly: academic affairs, administrative affairs, communication and extracurricular.

Each standing committee has two chairs, except the nominations committee. Moore appoints one of the two chairs and members of each committee elect the other.

The Assembly's executive committee can decide to create ad hoc committees when urgent issues arise. The executive committee determines the chairs and members of ad hoc committees.

Next year's Assembly will meet again on May 20 to elect officers for Summer term.