Planner to address Alumni Council

by Christopher Kao | 11/12/93 6:00am

Denise Scott-Brown, the designer of the College's "concept plan" for north campus expansion, will meet with the alumni council in two weeks to discuss how future developments will remain faithful to Dartmouth's architectural history.

Gordon DeWitt, director of facilities planning, said Scott-Brown and Timothy Rub, the director of the Hood Museum, will be part of a panel discussion addressing the alumni council on Dec. 2, 3 and 4.

Composed of 103 members, the council is the governing body of the College's alumni and includes class representatives and representatives from regional alumni clubs. Four undergraduates and a professor also serve on the council, which meets twice a year.

The council is responsible for overseeing alumni affairs and serving as a liaison between the Trustees, administrators, faculty, students and alumni, according to Patricia Fisher-Harris, associate director of alumni affairs.

Scott-Brown is preparing a final report on the expansion, including final designs and cost breakdowns.

DeWitt said he hopes the report will be finished by early next term. He will then present the final report to the Trustees and to Hanover officials.

Harris said the council will also hear presentations about Title IX and gender-equity issues and multi-culturalism.

Dan Gartner '94, a member of the council said it discusses the most talked about issues on campus. He said the council will most likely discuss the Student Assembly-sponsored referendum on single-sex Greek organizations.

Fisher-Harris said the council does not have a direct influence on College policy but she said the administration usually takes recommendations from council very seriously.

She said the council played a very important role in the abandoning of the Indian as the College's mascot, the implementation of co-education and the decision to alter the lyrics of the alma mater.

The council is composed of 16 standing committees including Academic Affairs, Alumni Fund, Bequests and Trusts, Student Life and the Nominating and Alumni Trustee Search Committee.

The council nominates half of the College's Board of Trustees. At this year's meeting, the committee will nominate three possible to successors to Robert Danziger '56, who has served the maximum two five-year terms and ballots will be sent to all alumni for a vote.