Divestment history

by David Herszenhorn | 11/15/93 6:00am

Hanover Police arrested Ashmita Goswami '94 early Saturday morning for allegedly driving under the influence of liquor.

According to Dispatcher Doug Hackett, the police responded just after midnight Saturday to the report of a hit and run accident involving a parked car on Webster Avenue.

Hackett said information from witnesses led police to Goswami, 21, who "was identified as the driver of the departing vehicle."

Both cars suffered severe front end damage, Hackett said.

Goswami in an interview last night denied the allegations.

"I was never in a car and I was never pulled over," she said. "I was in my house when they arrested me. It's all based on hearsay. It's a very bizarre situation. I was never pulled over in a car. I am not worried about it. I was never given a field test. I didn't take a blood test or a urine test."

Hackett said Goswami was brought to the police station for questioning, where she was arrested and charged with driving under the influence. He said police are investigating whether to charge her with leaving the scene of an accident.

She was released on personal recognizance and will be arraigned Nov. 30 in Hanover District Court.

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