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June 21, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Career Services closes for move to Collis

The Career Services office will close from Dec. 13 through Dec. 17 to move to the new Collis Student Center from its current location on Maynard Street in the old Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital.

"We are pleased to be part of the Collis Center," said William Wright-Swadell, director of Career Services, which was located in College Hall before it closed last winter for construction of Collis.

The move will cause an interruption of about five to seven working days, Wright-Swadell said. He said that although December is the busiest month for applications, most deadlines are in early December, before the move.

"If I could magically get the move done, I would, but that's not real," Wright-Swadell said. "We are looking forward to moving as quickly as possible, but people should realize that there are going to be interruptions."

After the move is completed the office will "be entirely full-scale, offering any and all of the services that we regularly offer," Alexander Morrs, a Career Services employee said.

Though the new offices have less total floor space than the old offices, Wright-Swadell said he hopes they will create "a positive environment for the student."

The shelves will be low to make the facilities more convenient for the handicapped, he said. The Career Resources Library will be in the center, with the staff offices in rows on the outside.

"It is an interactive kind of setting," Wright-Swadell said. Currently the staff offices are on either side of the hall, and the library is at the end.

He also said that the new offices would be aesthetically pleasing to both employees and students. "There is a beautiful set of windows overlooking the Green. There were not as many windows in the old second floor office," he said.

Wright-Swadell said the location of the offices has not yet affected the number of students who use its services and that he does not expect that will change once Career Services moves to Collis.

He said he was "concerned when we left Collis," because Maynard Street is "on the periphery of things [but] the numbers have not been negatively impacted."

If more students visit Career Services after the move, it will be because "the new Collis Center will be a traffic center for the campus, a place where students will want to go," Wright-Swadell said.