CPD receives high volume of applications

by Kristine Jiwoo Ahn | 2/23/17 2:15am

The Center for Professional Development received more than double the number of fall recruiting applications this year than last, according to figures released by the CPD.

Fall recruiting
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A total of 768 students submitted 9,654 applications for the 193 positions offered by 127 employers advertised through Dartboard, CPD’s online job portal. Students can send in multiple applications during a recruiting cycle.

Five hundred and eighty-eight students were offered interviews. These numbers account for applications submitted by the second major submission deadline, which was Oct. 10, 2016. Offer totals have not yet been reported.

For the fall of 2015, 489 students submitted a total of 4,760 applications, and 124 employers offered a total of 141 positions. CPD senior associate director Monica Wilson said that the number of students who were offered interviews in 2015 was clearly fewer than in 2016. The year before, 384 students submitted 3,354 applications.

Both entry-level jobs and internships were open for resume submission this fall. Many of these openings were related to business and consulting.

Co-leaders of student organization Women in Business Hannah Carlino ’17 and Danielle Kimball ’17 said that consulting and investment banking are the most popular industries because they are the “most staple kinds of jobs,” Carlino said.

According to Carlino and Kimball, jobs in consulting and investment banking help people build fundamental skills while figuring out what they more specifically want to do and achieve that afterwards.

“They prepare you well and serve as a springboard for your next job, whatever that may be,” Carlino said.

Pre-professional organizations on campus such as WIB, the Dartmouth Consulting Group and the Dartmouth Investment and Philanthropy Program provide resources to help applicants prepare for the recruiting process.

Many of these organizations offer interview prep workshops, resume and cover letter workshops and networking sessions. Workshops often provide specialized guidance on how to approach consulting cases or investment banking technical interviews, Carlino said.

Starting last year, the CPD allowed employers to recruit sophomores during sophomore summer or junior fall as opposed to only during junior winter. WIB organizes a panel every spring about how to approach sophomore summer recruiting specifically.

Carlino said that they have received great feedback so far from members who received recruiting training offered by WIB. Many people find them useful because they teach things that are not covered in your everyday classes at Dartmouth, she said.

While consulting and investment banking are the most popular fields that typically recruit through on-campus recruiting, Carlino said that there is a rising interest in other fields such as non-profits, tech, start-ups, entrepreneurship and marketing.

“We try to cater a lot of our events to those types of roles too, but it’s harder to find people with experience and knowledge in those fields,” she said.

The CPD also provides resources for students through programs such as DartmouthCircles, an interactive online platform that helps employers and students connect with one another.

Wilson said that the CPD promoted “quite a range of opportunities,” but that application rates varied considerably.

Carlino is a member of The Dartmouth senior business staff.