Students consider cost in affiliation

by Emily Robertson | 10/16/14 10:24pm


This fall, average dues for men are $342 and average dues for women are $308, not including additional new member dues, national dues or social dues, according to the Greek Leadership Organizations and Societies website.

To get a sense of how students think about costs in the Greek system, The Dartmouth conducted an informal poll, surveying students in Collis Café and Courtyard Café during mealtimes. Many were reluctant to discuss finances in Greek life beyond the survey, and some chose not to participate in the survey altogether upon learning its topic. Though students generally did not seem to want to discuss financial issues in Greek life on the record, many appeared to begin discussing the issue among themselves.

While filling out the survey, some students covered their answers or quickly folded the paper once they completed the survey. Others discussed finances among themselves while taking it, sometimes consulting with each other about specific costs if they were affiliated with the same house.

Of 34 students surveyed, split almost evenly between the classes of 2015, 2016 and 2017, 19 were on College financial aid and 15 were not. Of 30 who were affiliated, 10 reported receiving financial aid from their Greek houses. Reported costs, including dues and gear, ranged from $150 to $750 a term, and three respondents were unsure. One student disaffiliated due to concerns about cost.