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AoA moves to amend trustee election rules

The Association of Alumni proposed an amendment to its constitution on Monday that would bring trustee election procedures in line with Board of Trustees' recommendations.

Some alumni revisit legal action

The addition of five new members to the College's Board of Trustees three weeks ago has prompted little public backlash from alumni who oppose the Board's expansion, but a recent communication acquired by The Dartmouth indicates some alumni are once again considering legal action in an attempt to reverse the Board's decision. In an e-mail sent to supporters of the non-profit Hanover Institute on Sept.

Wright oversees faculty increase, academic changes

College President James Wright has overseen a significant increase to the size of the faculty and changes to Dartmouth's curriculum during his 10-year tenure, according to Dean of the Faculty Carol Folt.

Wright tenure coincides with Board controversy

College President James Wright's administration witnessed the growth of organized dissent within the alumni body, as graduates both supportive and critical of the College's direction took a stand online.

College responds to Forbes.com rankings

Dartmouth may have been hurt by a "special bias" in the college rankings that Forbes.com released last week, according to Ohio University economics professor Richard Vedder, who devised the research methodology.

Forbes ranks Dartmouth 127th

Citing relatively high levels of student debt and dissatisfaction with teaching quality, Forbes.com rated Dartmouth the 127th best college in America on Thursday in the publication's first foray into university rankings.

Board delays changes to structure post-suit

Although the withdrawal of the Association of Alumni's lawsuit against the College in June paved the way for Dartmouth's Board of Trustees to make significant changes to its structure, more than one month later the Board has yet to take any action.

Daily Debriefing

Dartmouth alumni have the highest mid-career median incomes in the country in comparison to other college graduates, according to a survey by PayScale, Inc., a company that compiles compensation information across business sectors.

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