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Toe to Toe: Schmidley

In today's column, Ryan and I will argue over which NFL team is the cream of the crop. If either of us knew what we're talking about earlier in the term, we should have been taken back to our columns in which we took a stab at predicting this year's Super Bowl-winner. My pick, the Cowboys, have been riddled by injury after injury to a number of key players and are limping past the halfway mark in the 2008 season.

Toe to Toe: Karr Vs. Schmidley (Schmidley)

We're deep in the heart of the college and pro football seasons, folks, and it's the time of year when the debate over who will be crowned the next winner of the Heisman Trophy starts to heat up. A quick look at the award's storied history tells us that quarterbacks and running backs are easily the most common winners of the award.

Toe to Toe: Schmidley

This year's World Series has been refreshing. After watching last year's lopsided four-game "competition," it's been a treat to watch.

Karr vs. Schmidley (Schmidley)

By The Dartmouth Staff It's an awkward time for "Toe to Toe." With the Red Sox in the process of engineering an amazing comeback vs.

Schmidley's Shots: Official Review

Today's column will address an issue that I've grappled with for quite some time. I've never gotten a chance to write about it, so now seemed like as good a time as ever, seeing as Ryan and I will be covering the sports world's most pressing issue -- who will win the World Series -- in Monday's edition of "Toe to Toe". As I'm sure many of you football fans already know, Ed Hochuli, by far the NFL's best known and most experienced referee, blew a couple of key calls early on this season.

Toe to Toe: Karr Vs. Schmidley (Schmidley)

Last week, Ryan and I took our respective shots at predicting this year's BCS title game-winner. Making such a prediction, particularly in light of the fact that the 2008 college football season was and is now shaping up to be just as, if not more, volatile than last year's season, seemed to be a near impossible task. Between the politics of the polls, the complexity and sometimes surprising results of the oft-maligned BCS, the confounding early season upsets and blowouts and the lack of a dominant head-hancho (or two) at the top of the polls, there's just too much uncertainty to dub one squad the team of destiny with any reasonable degree of certainty.