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Apple Computer Pullout

Sales are slumping, and even Dartmouth has stopped recommending Macintosh computers over PCs to incoming students. Will Apple's comeback ever propel it beyond its competitors?

Internet Ethics Feature

Sitting alone in a dorm room and downloading information seems pretty benign. If nobody is watching, how could you get caught? The Computer Science 4 scandal of Winter term, however, was a rude awakening to students that our use of the Internet can be traced to a certain degree -- a sitting alone surrounded by four walls does not guarantee privacy. Find out more in our Internet Ethics feature.

Students elect O'Mara and Gussow

Collin O'Mara '01 and Charles Gussow '01, who were elected president and vice president of the 2001 Class Council this week, both said the organization will focus on the Initiative and community service this year. O'Mara, a history and English modified major from Syracuse, N.Y., received 274 votes, defeating Judy Huang '01, who received 215.

Comm. may lower ticket prices

A committee is considering the options for reducing the prices of student tickets for Hopkins Center and athletic events at some point in the coming year. Committee chair and Associate Director of Financial Services Bonnie Norton said the committee has been using this term to weigh the options for reducing prices and will make a recommendation to the College's senior administration by the end of August about whether to reduce the prices. However, Norton would not comment on the committee's findings or considerations, because she said she does not want any of her comments to affect the committee's procedure. "I would think that after our next meeting we would be very close to finalizing our recommendations," she said. The committee members are Jackie Lippe '01, Deirdre Brenner '01, Kathryn Beane '01, graduate student Andrew Whitney, Norton, Dean of Student Life Holly Sateia, Business Manager of Athletics Ken Snelling, Executive Director of the Montgomery Endowment Barbara Gerstner, Hopkins Center Business Officer Jay Cary and Richard Heck, executive officer in the Dean of the College Office. In establishing a contract in which the College would exclusively use its products in dining halls and vending machines, the Coca-Cola company agreed to provide the College with a $200,000 commission for the first two years of the contract, to be adjusted in the third year.

Zimmerman greets new students

Gail Zimmerman laughed when asked what she plans to accomplish as acting dean of first-year students this coming year. "To survive," Zimmerman said.

Greeks to open doors to tour

Greek leaders expressed widely differing responses to Saturday's Steering Committee tours through almost every Greek house, some pleased with the receptiveness of those on their tours, and others criticizing what they saw as a "rude" and rushed atmosphere. Members of the Steering Committee split into four subgroups, each of which visited about five Greek houses in approximately an hour and a half on Saturday afternoon - and depending upon which subgroup visited their houses, Greek leaders got very different impressions of the Steering Committee members and their goals. In an interview with The Dartmouth following the tours, Trustee and Steering Committee co-chair Peter Fahey '68 said, "The only surprise was that every single one that I went in was spit polish clean, since they're not always that way." However, Trustee and Steering Committee co-chair Susan Dentzer '77 said, "The houses as far back as I can remember, certainly when I was here, were often where guys brought their mothers in and the first reaction of the mothers was not, 'what a totally gorgeous place for my son to live' - and I would say that was consistent with what we saw." While Chi Heorot fraternity Summer President Jeff Davidson '01 said the subgroup of Dentzer, Engineering Professor Ulf osterberg and Hillary Miller '02 was "respectful" and "seemed to be genuinely interested in what was going on" in his house, Epsilon Kappa Theta sorority Summer President Laura Duncan '01 got the opposite impression from the subgroup of Tom Csatari '74, chemistry graduate student Jesse Fecker, Anthropology Professor Deborah Nichols and College Vice President and Treasurer Win Johnson. "It was really shocking," said Duncan, the niece of new Dean of the College and Steering Committee member James Larimore.

Controversial social space ideas fill report

In addition to discussing the Residential and Social Life Task Force Report this weekend, the Initiative Steering Committee will take a tour of all Greek houses which volunteer to participate in a Greek-initiated plan to show it their facilities. While the tours will display to the Steering Committee social space that is already in place at the College, portions of the Task Force Report submitted by staff members within the dean of the College area and other sections of the College suggest different ideas for social space - most prominently, the elimination of the residential aspect of single-sex organizations and the creation of a "Common House" and coed theme housing. Dean of Student Life Holly Sateia- a member of the committees which submitted the proposals to the Task Force Report - said the ideas do not represent one specific plan for social space, but are the result of their brainstorming new options that could be implemented. The Single-Sex Housing Controversy In Proposal 26 of the Task Force Report, addressing Principle 3 - which calls for a "substantially coeducational" system that provides "opportunities for greater interaction" among all students - the College staff working group writes, "If [single-sex] groups are truly committed to the values of personal and leadership development and community service, then the need for a physical plant to conduct these activities is minimal." The group's proposal argues that current single-sex groups have relegated their missions "to second-place status behind the importance of having a physical plant and being able to commandeer college resources for social life (i.e.