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Nick Johnson '08 to play for the Coyotes

After playing for the 2011-2012 season with the Minnesota Wild, Nick Johnson '08 former captain of the Dartmouth men's hockey team signed a year-long contract with the Phoenix Coyotes. Johnson, who was originally chosen to play for the Pittsburgh Penguins in the third round of the 2004 National Hockey League draft, will begin training with the Coyotes in September, according to Coyotes assistant general manager Brad Treliving. Johnson will play right wing with the Coyotes a "natural position" for him, according to Treliving. Johnson's contract is a "two-way" deal, which pays him more for playing in the NHL.

Study links literature and behavior

While many read fiction stories simply for pleasure, a recently released study by two psychologists found that immersive literature can affect the behavior of those who identify strongly with central characters.

Week celebrates African cultures

To replace the single night of African cultural celebration that took place last year, Students for Africa has launched a full week of events this week designed to celebrate the diverse peoples and countries of Africa and to educate the Dartmouth community. The organization decided to extend the annual Africa Night event to an Africa Week following discussions at a general meeting during Winter term.

Planets may reach record speeds

New research by Dartmouth and Harvard University researchers has found that hypervelocity planets may be flung to the outer reaches of the galaxy by black holes at speeds matched only by subatomic particles.

Although many colleges have implemented or considered implementing campus-wide smoking bans, Dartmouth has no current plans to follow suit.

College has no plans to ban smoking

Nathan Yeo / The Dartmouth Senior Staff Despite the proliferation of campus-wide smoking bans across the country, Dartmouth does not enforce a full ban and has no current plans to do so, according to Director of Media Relations Justin Anderson.

Trustees raise no-loan threshold

The cost of attendance for the upcoming academic year and the budget for fiscal year 2013 were the primary topics of discussion at the Board of Trustees' termly meeting on Friday and Saturday.

New email system to include chat features

While all Dartmouth undergraduate students have switched over to Blitz the new Microsoft Outlook-operated email and calendaring system that replaced BlitzMail students have yet to experience the full breadth of the new system, which will include video chat and instant messaging, according to Susan Zaslaw, associate director of administrative computing and project manager for the BlitzMail transition. The Blitz transition team is currently working on plans for implementing Microsoft Lync, the program that will enable these capabilities, Zaslaw said in an interview with The Dartmouth. "It's like Skype, that's what I always compare it to," Zaslaw said. The transition team will implement Lync during Winter 2012, and the remaining elements of Microsoft SharePoint which provides the ability to create shared documents and arrange virtual meetings are scheduled to be unveiled to campus in the "latter half of next year," Zaslaw said. While some features of the new Blitz system, like video conferencing and desktop screen sharing, will use more bandwidth than the old BlitzMail system, the transition team tested these features extensively and found "nothing alarming" in terms of bandwidth use, Zaslaw said.

DNC chairwoman promotes Obama

Speaking to a room of political supporters packed into the Daniel Webster Room at the Hanover Inn, Democratic National Committee Chairwoman and Rep.