Robin Catmur


Praising Support for International Education

To the Editor: I was pleased to read the coverage of the recent summit meeting between many college and university presidents (including President Wright) and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice ("Wright attends summit piloted by Pres.

Stop the Madness

To the Editor: As Advisors to International Students and Scholars for Dartmouth College, my colleagues and I are vehemently opposed to any potential limitations to international students' choice of field of study, and fully concur with Ryan Tan '05's statements in The Dartmouth ("International Madness," April 24). While the trends in United States regulations and pending legislation since Sept.

Headline was Misleading

To the Editor:We are writing to protest the highly misleading headline of the article "Int'l Office warns against foreign travel" on the front page of "The D" on Nov.

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