Headline was Misleading

by Robin Catmur | 11/21/01 6:00am

To the Editor:We are writing to protest the highly misleading headline of the article "Int'l Office warns against foreign travel" on the front page of "The D" on Nov. 16.

On the evening of Nov. 15, the Director of the International Office, Stephen M. Silver, and I were interviewed by a reporter of The Dartmouth concerning a travel advisory we had sent out to international students and scholars. This travel advisory was cautionary in nature, and in no way stated or implied that foreign travel in general was inadvisable.

For a very small percentage of our international population who are citizens of certain countries and who hold expired non-immigrant visas, we advised postponing or avoiding travel outside the United States due to possible lengthy delays. The content of the article was accurate for the most part; however we have had concerned calls on Friday from individuals alarmed by the title.

The advice to refrain from foreign travel was aimed at a small, specific group of non-immigrants who hold expired visas. Rather than using a title which has only served to alarm and concern Dartmouth internationals who are planning to travel overseas during the holiday season, why couldn't you use the perfectly appropriate title on page seven: "Students Urged to be Cautious"?