Rebekah Rombom


Alumni debate reaches students

As the Association of Alumni prepares to vote on a new proposed constitution this fall, heated debate has persisted throughout many sectors of the Dartmouth community.

Rising loan rates force financial aid changes

Students scrambled last week to consolidate loans and lock in favorable interest rates for federal Stafford and PLUS loans before the rates became fixed on July 1 at nearly two percentage points above those that have been available to students in recent years.

Editor's Note

Class of 2006, you can finally say you're all done. After countless nights of Novack coffee at 1:58 a.m., afternoons that disappeared on the Green and mornings walking home as the sun rises, you will leave campus Sunday night holding a Dartmouth degree.

Seniors remember lost classmates

The deaths of Lindsay Della Serra and Christina Porter marked two tragedies in the story of the Class of 2006. Della Serra, who planned to be a Spanish and history double major, lost her months-long battle to lymphoma in November of 2005.

Association of Alumni halts imminent elections

In the latest twist of the ongoing discussion over the Alumni Governance Task Force's newly proposed alumni constitution, the executive committee of the Association of Alumni has announced that it will postpone its annual fall meetings as well as the accompanying elections. According to a statement issued by Merle Adelman '80, first vice president of the Association, the meeting and elections have been postponed "because the results of the vote on the proposed constitution will not be available until after Oct.

Alumni Council endorses constitution

At the Alumni Council's three-day meeting this weekend, the body voted both to endorse the Dartmouth Alumni Association's newly proposed constitution and to revise the existing constitution to allow all-media voting on subsequent amendments to the Council's constitution. The vote to endorse the new Alumni Association constitution was unanimous, according to a statement from the Office of Alumni Relations, and the all-media voting provision passed by 87 percent.

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