Rebecca Liddicoat


Eliminate Full Fare

After reading about the administration's newest effort in the "how to make more money off students" game, ("New Dining Plan is Finalized," Jan.

Allow Us Our Own Social Experience

Entering my final year at Dartmouth, I have serious questions about the role the College plays in the social and private lives of its students.

Disillusionment Over Haiti

In Sunday's New York Times, the lead paragraph on Haiti read "Confusion over exactly what it is that American soldiers are supposed to be doing on Haiti's streets is growing almost as fast as the number of troops pouring in by air and sea." Reading about the floundering of our foreign policy in Haiti over the last months, my mood regarding it has gone from surprise to disappointment, to disillusionment, and finally to outright revulsion. That we would attempt to "restore democracy" to a nation that has never experienced it was ridiculous enough.

Wonders of innocence

I decided to lead a Dartmouth Outing Club Trip because, as a senior who had been studying abroad since sophomore summer, I felt that I needed a proper reintroduction to Dartmouth.

Black and White, Together or Apart

An article appeared in the Valley News in October, "Affirmation by Separation, Some Dartmouth minorities seek a world apart." In the article, some black students defended their right to live apart in places like Cutter-Shabazz Hall.

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