Raza Rasheed '12


War Is Not the Answer

In his column last Friday, Chris Talamo '11 ("This War is the Answer," Nov. 20) made some interesting points about the worthiness of the War on Terrorism, concluding that "The world is much better off for America's actions no matter how belligerent." Ultimately, however, I couldn't possibly disagree more.

Jumping to Conclusions

The prevailing media narrative emerging from last Tuesday's off-cycle elections, and the two Republican gubernatorial victories in New Jersey and Virginia, is that President Obama and Congressional Democrats are in huge trouble for next year's midterms, and that the Republican Party is poised for a major comeback.

Pardon Jack Johnson

Congressional Republicans have spent the first nine months of President Obama's term throwing everything but the kitchen sink at him.

Nobel Abuse

On Friday, the Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded President Barack Obama one of the world's highest and most distinguished honors, the Nobel Prize for Peace.

Success is Optional

Last Saturday, in the pouring rain, Dartmouth football dropped a heartbreaker to the University of Pennsylvania to extend its record losing streak to 15.

Time to Go It Alone

Years of hot air, sordid affairs, uncivilized shouting matches and general partisan rancor have conspired to lower our expectations for the political process to all-time lows.

Confirming a Change

That the Republican Party would strongly oppose U.S. Circuit Judge Sonia Sotomayor's nomination to the Supreme Court is not at all surprising.

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