Noah Riner


Looking For Trust

Along with the rest of the seniors, I will be an alumnus very soon, entering into a new relationship with the College.

Promoting Student Assembly

The role of Student Assembly at Dartmouth is pretty simple: to help improve life at Dartmouth and to convey student concerns to the administration.

Let the Adventure Begin

"Riner! You are lost in the sauce!" Gunnery Sergeant Sampson screamed into my ear. I snapped to attention, petrified.

Save a Horse

I hadn't even heard of Dartmouth. I was a high school junior from Louisville, Kentucky and I wanted to go to a good college.

Defending the Buzz

I was disturbed to read The Dartmouth Editorial Board's (Feb. 6, "Verbum Ultimum") condemnation of the motivations behind the proposed student-led presidential debate.

Calvin's Epiphany and Student Assembly

One of my favorite Calvin and Hobbes quotes is when Calvin says, "Know what's weird? Day by day, nothing seems to change, but pretty soon ... everything's different." I believe that Student Assembly's achievements this term parallel Calvin's observation that significant change often goes unnoticed. In their Nov.

Noah Riner '06

The best way to lead is to serve. As '06 Class President and a member of Student Assembly's Student Life Committee, I have learned just that.