Nilanjan Banerjee


Protecting Intellectual Property

To the Editor: Our society is founded upon the rule of law, and Kabir Sehgal's Nov. 14 editorial, titled "Record Company Idiocy," appears to miss that point.

A Misrepresentation

To the Editor: In their April 25 column, "A&F: White Equals Right?" Michael Chan '04 and Hannah Kwon '02 ask the question, "Have you ever seen a non-white male wearing [a Dartmouth Indian shirt]?" The authors assume without question that minority males would never take the side of free speech over political correctness. Just for the record, I'm an Indian male, I'll take free speech any day of the week.

Don't Expel Brothers

To the Editor: Mark Pruner '77, in his letter to the editor in the March 2 issue of The Dartmouth, expresses views that are greatly disturbing to any free-thinking individual.

Rush Speculation

To the Editor: Bones Gate Fraternity has a long-standing policy of not releasing rush numbers to The Dartmouth, or in fact to any other publication other than our own Alumni Newsletter.

Poster of Hindu Goddess Not Offensive to All

To the Editor: In response to Mr. Aly Rahim's violent protest to the use of the goddess Saraswati in a poster depicting a party, I would like to state that not all Hindus feel the same way.