Mike P. Hamilton


My Trip to Fenway

The following will recount my recent pilgrimage to the Mecca of Red Sox Nation: Fenway Park. This is a trip I try to make a few times every baseball season.

Our National Game?

The task at hand, the thing that keeps popping into my head, is the state of baseball today. This should be a summer for the baseball fan to revel in. We have Barry Bonds on pace to obliterate Mark McGwire's single-season homerun record.

A Challenge

About a month ago on Commencement Weekend, I was eating at Murphy's with a few of my '01 friends when one of us noted a picture hanging on the wall of three Boston sports legends autographed by each of them.

For the Love of the Game

There are a few delights that come around only during the summer. There is the feeling of jumping in the water for a swim after a long, hot day's work.

More intrigue and deception

As if we haven't encountered enough tomfoolery and ballyhoo this season regarding off-ice altercations, the hits just keep on coming. This time it is out of Detroit.

Dafoe is signed, finally

Bruins fans, the wait is finally over. We can all move on with our lives now. Byron Dafoe is signed. After several months of deadlock over his contract, Dafoe has reached an agreement with Bruins general manager/president Harry Sinden.

Milestones and beginnings

As if leading the Detroit Red Wings back-to-back Stanley Cups weren't enough to prove that he is one of the most skilled players in the league, Steve Yzerman moved up to 8th place on the all-time scoring list with an assist against the St.