Michelle Kraemer


Self-Education: Both An Obligation and A Privilege

As the deadline for spring term course selections draws near, many of us are pouring through the ORC to find classes fulfilling multiple distributive requirements, or to locate that "perfect" third class.

Weekend Update: Just a Joke?

Last Friday morning, I opened my BlitzMail account and engaged in the common Dartmouth ritual of checking Weekend Update.

Learn from the Blueberry Man

Though the thrill of sophomore summer may be over, its memory remains somewhere within the bodies of now defrosting '98s.

Search for Continuity with the D-Plan

With one week left in the term, I find myself ready for a familiar ritual: packing my life into Xerox boxes, locating homes for my fridge and futon and bidding farewell to a room I have known for only ten short weeks.

Separating Basement Culture From Our Everyday Lives

Quickly and quietly, a year has passed since the discovery of the now infamous Beta poem -- a year marked by turmoil and talk about the Greek system, its merits, problems and effect on campus social space.

Some Physical Education Fines Are Inappropriate

Until recently, I had imagined the College's physical education program director as a man sitting on a Caribbean beach, ordering tropical drinks and tipping the waiters with fists full of fifties, freshly garnered from some poor sophomore who'd failed skiing class for the second year straight.

Seniors celebrate during Class Week

The members of the Class of 1995 will commemorate the culmination of their Dartmouth experiences this weekend, rounding out a week of senior activities and celebrations. "It has taken all spring term to prepare for this week," co-Chair of the Senior Week committee Michelle Webb '95 said. Heading the committee, Webb and David Gonzalez '95 decided which activities would be included in this year's schedule. "Anyone who wanted to be involved in planning could," Senior Class President Alyse Kornfeld said. Senior week began Tuesday with roller-skating at Lake View, Senior 'Tails and a dance in Collis Commonground. Festivities continued on Wednesday with an air ball on Tuck Drive and a coffee house at the Dartmouth Outing Club house featuring Jud Caswell '94. Thursday's events were held at Storr's Pond where a dinner catered by Blood's Seafood was also offered.

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