Seniors celebrate during Class Week

by Michelle Kraemer | 6/11/95 5:00am

The members of the Class of 1995 will commemorate the culmination of their Dartmouth experiences this weekend, rounding out a week of senior activities and celebrations.

"It has taken all spring term to prepare for this week," co-Chair of the Senior Week committee Michelle Webb '95 said.

Heading the committee, Webb and David Gonzalez '95 decided which activities would be included in this year's schedule.

"Anyone who wanted to be involved in planning could," Senior Class President Alyse Kornfeld said.

Senior week began Tuesday with roller-skating at Lake View, Senior 'Tails and a dance in Collis Commonground.

Festivities continued on Wednesday with an air ball on Tuck Drive and a coffee house at the Dartmouth Outing Club house featuring Jud Caswell '94.

Thursday's events were held at Storr's Pond where a dinner catered by Blood's Seafood was also offered. A late-night movie was also shown at the Nugget Theater.

"In thinking of new activities, we simply thought of things our class would enjoy," Webb said. According to Webb, the senior class council funded approximately $5,000 of the week's costs.

This Saturday, the College will hold its 141st Class Day exercises at the Bema following graduation practice.

The exercises will include speeches by Kornfeld, faculty speaker John Rassias, class orator Diana Sabot '95, senior class historians Chris Foley, Chris Ferry, Rodrego Martinez and Susan Warhover.

President of the Senior Executive Committee responsible for organizing class day activities, Kaja Schuppert, will also speak.

After the speeches, award will be made to selected students and a distinguished faculty member.

Following the Bema events, the class will proceed to the Lone Pine Stump, which will be surrounded by evergreen boughs.

"This part of the Class Day was established last year in conjunction with a poem from one of the first Class Days," Schuppert said.

In keeping with tradition, the poem is printed on the back of the Class Day programs this year, she said.

Organized events will conclude with a candlelight ceremony at midnight where seniors gather at Collis to reflect on their Dartmouth experiences.

One by one, each senior will recall his four years at Dartmouth and blow out his candle until the circle is dark, Schuppert said.

Seniors are invited to bring the ceramic cups holding the candles back for the five year reunion to repeat the process, she said.

The cups replaced traditional clay pipes in 1993 when Native American students objected to the pipes because they considered smashing them to be sacrilegious.

In 1993, the cups were smashed during the ceremony, signifying the breaking of ties with the College.

But this activity was abandoned after seniors suffered minor injuries from shards of clay.

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