Lindsay Ellis



Ellis: Moving Forward, Looking Back

My mom visited me halfway through my junior summer, and we brought books and magazines down to the Connecticut River for the afternoon. I fell asleep looking at the lazy current, clouds collecting above, and I woke up dazed, drained. The air was thick and groggy. Thunder rolled in soon after, about a half an hour before we were to drive to the Moosilauke Ravine Lodge for dinner. The car’s wheels skidded across the highway several times, and I gripped the car door and my mom’s hand, trying to see through a wet dashboard from the back seat. I couldn’t — and I held my breath — but we made it in time to slather butter on hot bread as the last drops fell. When the sun came up the next morning, the air felt cleaner. I felt like I could think more slowly, carefully.

A Letter from the Editor

Printing a front-page editorial was not a decision that I took lightly, especially because of how deeply I care about objectivity in journalism.

Hanlon's July 23 letter calls on Gov. Sununu to support HB 105, HB 106 and SB 67.

Hanlon looks to guide first incoming class of his presidency

Jin Lee / The Dartmouth Staff / The Dartmouth Staff In an interview with The Dartmouth, College President Philip Hanlon urged members of the Class of 2017 to follow their passions and to engage with faculty members. Predicting he will grow attached to the Class of 2017, College President Philip Hanlon imparted four recommendations to incoming students.


Hey Expectations: Meet Reality

Anna Davies / The Dartmouth Staff Earlier this week, I got an exclamation point-filled blitz from a recent graduate: "I hope your sophomore summer is going even better than anticipated!" That's a tall order.


Teams face off in IM program

Brett Drucker / The Dartmouth Staff Clubs and organizations are finding community in competition this summer, taking to Garipay Field for recreational intramural softball and soccer.

Police search for lost python

A 3-foot long ball python escaped from its tank at the Tabard coed fraternity yesterday and has been missing for over 24 hours. The snake, which Hanover Police said may still be inside the house, was reported missing to Safety and Security.


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