Lauren Lafaro


Bush seeks support for tax cut

Bush embarked on his presidency attempting to sell himself to Congress and to the American people after an election that some claim provided him with no clear mandate as president.

Bush focuses on Iraq, education

President George Bush's tenure in office has so far been marked by repeated statements about the importance of symbolism in foreign policy, but last week abstract symbolism became reality when two dozen British and U.S.

Clinton pardon stirs controversy

According to many political analysts hopes of employing former President Bill Clinton in a central role in the Democratic party have been dashed by a scandalous reputation that has followed Clinton all the way from the White House. The Manhattan federal prosecutor has begun examination into Clinton's pardon of Marc Rich, an incident also currently under investigation by the Senate Judiciary Committee. U.S.

Patients' rights debate revisited

Long-debated legislation concerning patients' rights may finally come to the front of the agenda in the upcoming weeks. Bipartisan advocates of patients' rights offered new legislation Tuesday, the kick-off to the fifth year of debate on the issue. "The American people have waited too long," Sen.

Civil rights leader remembers MLK

Mary Francis Berry, the Chairperson of the U.S. Commission of Civil Rights, spoke in Filene Auditorium yesterday as one of the guest speakers in a series of lectures in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Members unfazed by Testa's decision

While Testa's resignation from the Greek Life Steering Committee, may have come as a surprise to some members of the Dartmouth Community, it did not shock many of those on the committee itself. "I wasn't too surprised," Megan Gleason '02 said, an unaffiliated member of the committee.

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