Laura Glickman


Dean candidate visits Hanover for interview

Tom Crady, the vice president of student services at Grinnell College in Grinnell, Iowa, visits Dartmouth Wednesday to interview with the search committee for the Dean of the College position, vacated by James Larimore last May.

Dip use prevalent in frats, on teams

It's banned by the NCAA, causes mouth cancer and is viewed by many as disgusting. Yet smokeless tobacco is consumed regularly by a small yet relatively steady number of male students at Dartmouth. "Dip," a popular type of smokeless tobacco, is finely cut tobacco that is pinched from a tin and placed in between the gum and the lip.

President of Review steps down over cover

Kevin Hudak '07 will resign from his post as president of The Dartmouth Review, he announced at a staff meeting Monday. His decision comes as a result of the cover on the newspaper's Nov.

Funding issues create friction between rugby teams

As a rugby player, Sheila Hicks '04 feels a bond with rugby players she meets everywhere -- except with the Dartmouth's men's rugby team. "Historically, they think we're stealing their money," said Hicks, who is the women's rugby friends' chair. Because of Title IX, which requires equal opportunities for male and female athletes, some financial contributions that men's rugby would otherwise receive go to the women's rugby club.

Atlantic Monthly ranks Dartmouth 15th

In The Atlantic Monthly's recently released rankings of the nation's most selective schools, Dartmouth ranked 15th, placing it below every other Ivy League school besides Cornell University. The Atlantic Monthly gathered data from the United States' "most selective schools" and ranked the 50 most selective based on three statistics: SAT scores, high school class ranks of incoming freshmen and the school's admissions rate. Atlantic Monthly is the latest competitor in the college ranking business, which U.S.

Foreign study programs weather cancellations, crises

When a Dartmouth student's FSP is cancelled, it can ruin his term. Only two Foreign Study Programs have been cancelled in recent years -- and Jeremy Presser '04 was on them both. "It's a joke among my friends," Presser said.