Kalie Marsicano



Looking Back

Congratulations! Getting here can’t have been easy — from the college applications process to sticking out senior spring to literally winding your way through the woods on your drive to Dartmouth, it’s been a long road. Now that your freshman fall is around the corner, it’s time to get pumped for all the wonderful experiences ahead: new people, countless opportunities and an amazing academic experience are all near on the horizon.


An Appropriate Halloween

If there’s one lesson “Mean Girls” taught me, it’s how to do Halloween like a champ — just add animal ears. This rule of thumb has brought me consistent success (recent hits include “sexy cat” and “sexy Mickey Mouse from ‘Fantasia’”) but my overwhelming lack of creativity just doesn’t do it for everyone, and I get that. On Halloween, we dress to scare, amuse and impress, sometimes all at once, and the rules that dictate our daily attire disappear.

From left, meet Oliver Engelhart '18, Megan Batangan ’18, Maya Moten '18 and Lily Eisner '18.


'18 Again

Four '18s told us about their first impressions of Dartmouth in this week's Mirror.

Rev. Nancy Vogele, Elana Folbe '15, Feyaad Allie '16 and Madeline Abbott '15


Coexisting At Dartmouth

Many students at Dartmouth shy away from talking openly about their religious beliefs. And some students who adhere to more conservative and devout spectrums of their religion find it hard to harmonize aspects of campus social life with the tenets of their faith.


Students Burdened By Check-In Holds

The email came last Friday afternoon with a clear message and simple instructions. “All students in residence are required to officially check-in online,” it read, providing a one-click path to Banner Student. After the first deadline on Wednesday, students could still check in with a $50 late fee tacked on. Until checking in, students cannot receive credit for classes and may even face administrative withdrawal.