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Huebner: The Art of B.S.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the art of “B.S.” — a word too impolite to print in full, but too ubiquitous to shy away from.

homecoming issue

Editors' Note

Our “Alma Mater” proclaims a campus of loyal sons and daughters of an idyllic “College on the Hill.” While the “Alma Mater” is sung on First-Year Trips by the incoming class and is played daily on the bells of Baker Library, it’s easy to forget why we recite these time-honored words.

Freshman Issue 2017

Huebner: Academically Directionless?

This article was featured in the 2017 Freshman Issue. The summer before my freshman year, I would waltz around my neighborhood in a Dartmouth t-shirt and Lone Pine baseball cap, telling family friends I was “just thrilled to go to Dartmouth in the fall!” and “planning on majoring in communications or journalism, because they’re my passions.” As it turns out, Dartmouth doesn’t have a communications department.