Jon Wisniewski


Big Brother Buckles Up

Legislators in Concord seem intent on treating their constituents like children. The New Hampshire House of Representatives last Thursday passed a bill mandating that all adults in a moving vehicle wear seatbelts.

Guns and a Good Time

Upon reading Nathan Bruschi's op-ed earlier this month ("An Assault on Assault Weapons," March 2), I was expecting an assault on the Second Amendment.

Not a Fan of a N.H. Smoking Ban

Legislators in Concord are hard at work right now not only showing complete disregard for the traditions of the state, but also treating their constituents like toddlers who got a hold of mommy's matches. New Hampshire Senate Bill 42, spearheaded by Sen.

The Value of Unreasonable Ideas

Last week, Zak Moore '09 eloquently supported trustee candidate Stephen Smith '88 on this page ("Diversity of Vision Matters," Feb.

Thanks, Safety and Security

The idea to write this came to me during my last ride in a Safety and Security cruiser. Most of my first eight terms here saw my wild imagination produce myriad conspiratorial metaphors to describe the antagonism, produced by the simple fact of drinking on campus, inherent in the student-Safety and Security relationship.

The Pot Farm Far Away

The official who came up with the name "Operation Green Thumb" must have been very pleased with himself.

Assessing North Korea

While there are times when the conservative man on my shoulder spouts vitriol about the unfairness of a leftist monopoly on higher education, recently I have been wondering if perhaps the political discourse in this nation could benefit from a little academic thought.

The Western Tradition of Trans Fat

A friend of mine was recently quoted in the Generic Good Morning Message as saying, "It's like a Noah Riner speech just exploded all over my life." Not being particularly clever myself nor able to pass up a great mental image when I stumble upon it, I must paraphrase and adapt it to a feeling I got recently while getting my news junkie fix.

Leave Your Politics at Home

Adam Patinkin '07 argues in his guest op-ed on May 18 ("Demanding Our Right to Vote") that the recent measures enacted by the New Hampshire state legislature by HB 1566 are several things: first, that campus bipartisanship which opposes the issue is inherently meaningful; second, that students as members of the community deserve a say in the laws which govern that community and are being stripped of their right to vote; and third, that the law itself is unconstitutional per Symm v.

Live Up to Your Commitment

The other day I was listening to Rush Limbaugh, and he mentioned the immigration debate. He said how one day back in the 1980s he talked to his grandfather about immigration, and his grandfather's response was "Oh, Lord, they're still talking about that?

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