John Engelman



Letter to the Editor

At the end of winter term, the College made the difficult but wise decision to close down on-campus programs for the spring and later the summer terms. Now, undergraduates have begun to return to campus, and many local alumni and residents are excited to see you back. You bring an energy and vibrancy to the campus that has been missing.

Vox Clamantis: Support for Greeks

To the Editor: In his op-ed ("Frat-eternity," June 20), Zachary Gottlieb states on several occasions that the administration is trying to get rid of the Greek system. If that is the case, why is the College allowing Beta Theta Pi fraternity to return to campus next fall?

Dartmouth owes success to President Wright

To the Editor: To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, "well Joe, there you go again." In the winter of 2006, Joe Asch '79 wrote an op-ed for The Dartmouth calling for College President James Wright's resignation ("Wright Must Be Replaced," March 1, 2006). Clearly that screed gained no traction among the trustees and alumni of Dartmouth, so now Asch tries again ("Time for Wright to Step Down," Sept.

Smith's College ties

To the Editor: I read with interest your editorial ("A Weak Consensus," March 30), in which you examined the policy positions and qualifications of the trustee candidates.

Wright a Responsible Leader

To the Editor: I write in response to Joe Asch ['79]'s op-ed, "Wright Must Be Replaced" (March 1). Of course, Mr. Asch is entitled to his opinion, but I find it incredibly presumptuous of him to speak to what he believes "has become common wisdom among alums and most informed members of the College community: Jim Wright must leave the Dartmouth Presidency before any more long-term damage is done to the College." Where does he come up with this assertion?