Letter to the Editor

by John Engelman and Sue Reed | 9/14/20 2:00am

To Dartmouth students: 

At the end of winter term, the College made the difficult but wise decision to close down on-campus programs for the spring and later the summer terms. Now, undergraduates have begun to return to campus, and many local alumni and residents are excited to see you back. You bring an energy and vibrancy to the campus that has been missing.

Fall term will not be your typical term due to restrictions and limitations made necessary by COVID-19. It will be challenging, but it will also present many opportunities for the incoming freshmen class, as well as for the returning students: the opportunity to make new, and renew old, friendships that will last a lifetime; the opportunity to be taught by brilliant professors and pose probing questions; the chance to engage your fellow students in discussions on a multitude of issues and participate in the free exchange of ideas with peers from across the nation and around the world; and the joy of spending the term here in the idyllic setting of the Upper Valley, in what is often the most beautiful season of the year.

We hope you will all stay safe and healthy, and help the residents of the Upper Valley stay safe and healthy. Please remember, we’re all in this together. The Dartmouth Club of the Upper Valley welcomes you home. 

Looking forward to a great fall term,

Sue Reed ’81, DCUV President

John Engelman ’68, DCUV Secretary