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Alumni name Trustee candidates

The Alumni Council has announced its three candidates for the alumni trustee seat that will be vacated by Richard Page '54 this June. Michael Chu '68, Kevin Ross '77 and Maxwell Anderson '77 are all up for the soon to be open seat on the board. The ballots will be mailed to all 60,000 living alumni in March and must be returned within a month.

Elsewhere, effects of removing frats unclear

While administrators at colleges that have changed or eliminated their Greek systems say such changes have resulted in lower risk and well-monitored alcohol consumption, some students claim the changes have simply moved alcohol use into the dorms and off-campus. Administrators at three schools that have eliminated or modified their Greek systems on campus said that attitudes and awareness surrounding alcohol consumption have improved since new policies were instituted.

Low Ivy sex assault numbers deceiving

The relatively low number of reported incidents of sexual assault at the College and around the Ivy League veil a deeper, more grave problem, While the number of reported incident remain fairly level throughout the Ivy League, some Dartmouth administrators and student leaders worry that the enlarged role of alcohol in students' social lives could lead to higher incidents of sexual assault. "In general there is a very high correlation between reports of sexual assault and sexual abuse and the consumption of alcohol," Dean of the College James Larimore said.

Bonfire may have deep meaning

In addition to being a rite of passage for first year students, the bonfire bears strong resemblance to the religious rituals of several faiths. According to English Professor Donald Sheehan, the bonfire could be an example of mimetic desire. He said the bonfire is a perfect example of the way desire and passion spread through a crowd, pulling people in and increasing the energy and power with every new member. This feeling isn't foreign to students who have participated in the sweep and bonfire in the past. "By the end of it, everyone's really excited and your adrenaline's pumping.

Epstein '00 rips up surf and turf

For Lauren Epstein '00, golfing began as a convenient way to get out of chores. "Basically I just wanted to get out of the house and so I'd try to tag along with my father to the range," Epstein said. Now she's the top player on the Dartmouth women's golf team and golf has changed from an excuse to a way of life. "It's something you can do for the rest of your life," said Epstein, who says after college she'll continue to play, hopefully in some amateur tournaments. Epstein, who hails from Syosset, New York, has been golfing since she was nine, but didn't begin playing real rounds of golf until age 12. When she entered eighth grade, Epstein joined her high school's golf team, which at the time was all men.

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