Hansa Sharma


Sharma: Petty Politics

The current presidential race is indicative of the new norm of hostile campaigning and vitriol.

Sharma: Financial Literacy and DDS

Last term, I consistently used a quarter of my weekly meal swipes. Regularly skipping breakfast and lunch, I quickly finished off my DBA as a result of my newfound KAF addiction. As a result, I made the switch to the Convenience 45 plan, with a weekly allotment of five swipes. With more than $900 in DBA, I had full faith in my ability to manage my KAF addiction while still using meal swipes at other dining locations.

Sharma: Academic Mindfulness

When my mother first suggested I try out yoga, I initially dismissed her. Why? The first image that pops into my head when I think of a yoga-goer is a super skinny, petite person bending into seemingly impossible shapes. Being a traditional martial artist, yoga seemed like an incredible waste of time to dedicate to breathing. However, after my first class at a hot yoga studio, I was surprised to feel how intense this activity I assumed to be passive could be. Throughout the hour, I became more aware of each and every breath and felt more alert. As college students, we spend much of our time trying to increase our productivity with triple-shot espresso drinks and Red Bull. Despite so much time and effort dedicated to this end, why do we ignore the most obvious solution?

Sharma: Rethinking Cultural Appropriation

When Coldplay and Beyoncé released the music video for their new single “Hymn for the Weekend,” they were immediately accused of cultural appropriation. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, cultural appropriation entails the taking over of creative or artistic forms, themes, or practices by one cultural group from another. Generally, we use it to describe Western appropriation of non?Western or non?white culture. The music video, shot in Varanasi and Mumbai during the spring festival of Holi, has been criticized for exoticizing India.

Sharma: Reining in the Networking

My friends often joke that I spend more time socializing in the KAF line than I do actually getting my order. KAF London Fogs are just as addictive as good company, and unfortunately, my friends have a point. With so much to get done, I’ve had to set clear start and end times for socializing. In these first few weeks of winter term, I’ve become increasingly dependent on my phone calendar. In these first few weeks of winter term, I’ve become increasingly dependent on my phone calendar. Previously, it was just a tool to keep track of midterms and vacation days. Now, it’s also littered with lunch and coffee dates. As Dartmouth students, we often feel pressure to balance working hard with playing hard.

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