Berit Svenson

Berit is a freshman from Ashburn, Virginia. She is thinking about pursuing a  Computer Science or Government major, and decided to join The D because of her love of writing and interest in other people’s stories. In addition to writing for The D, Berit enjoys swimming, hiking, and trying new food. 


Moore Hall houses the psychological and brain sciences department.


Over 30 professors criticize New York Times' coverage of suicide

A group of more than 30 Dartmouth faculty members wrote a column in the Valley News earlier this week criticizing a Jan. 4 article in The New York Times about the circumstances around the suicide of former psychological and brain sciences chair David Bucci last fall. 


Students, residents discuss Dartmouth's relationship to Hanover

Dartmouth has long been known for its small-town charm and picturesque New England campus. As the smallest university in the Ivy League, the College appeals to students who appreciate its quaint setting coupled with the academic rigor common among its peer institutions. But of all the charming towns scattered in the Northeast, why was Dartmouth founded in Hanover, and how does the College’s relationship with the town stand today?


Wellness Center report shows decrease in high-risk drinking

The Student Wellness Center has recently released the second report of a series addressing the reduction of high-risk drinking and related harms at the College. The report, entitled, “Expanding the Healthy Majority,” focuses on how to increase the number of Dartmouth students who do not report high-risk drinking in the two weeks before polling. 


Study finds link between arthritis and depression

Arthritis in older adults may be linked to higher incidence of depression in these individuals. A recent study by a team of researchers from Cornell University, Dartmouth and the University of Michigan found a significant association between arthritis and varying degrees of depression in older adults.


Capital campaign to establish new entrepreneurial center

In response to the need to prepare its students for an increasingly modern and innovative society, the College will establish a new center for entrepreneurship as part of its $3 billion capital campaign, entitled “The Call to Lead.” The center, which will be named the Magnuson Family Center for Entrepreneurship, will serve as the official organizational structure for Dartmouth’s current and future entrepreneurial programming and resources, Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network director and the center’s future director Jamie Coughlin wrote in an email statement. With an ultimate investment goal of $40 million, the College has already accumulated $36 million for the new center, which includes a donation of $20 million from Allison and Rick Magnuson ’79.


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