Ethan Ostrow


Greeks, Opponents Mutually Dependent

Dartmouth College in its present incarnation is, in a social sense, a static institution. The Greek system exists, and so too do those factions on campus arrayed in opposition to it.

BlitzMail habits don't always fit in

As Dartmouth students, we are bombarded by technology. Amidst the granite of New Hampshire with its splendorous natural endowment and idyllic terrain we send blazing, state-of-the-art electronic mail messages to each other and other addressees around the world.

A magazine in need of a new direction

The Dartmouth community tries to cultivate an atmosphere conducive to education. It offers an objective, liberal program constructed with a sense of maturity and equanimity suited to such learning.

Graduate students are not needed in dorms

Dartmouth dormitory life has been disturbed by the nuisance of uninvited guests. The Office of Residential Life's pilot program to house graduate students in undergraduate dorms has stealthily infiltrated the domain of students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. What was a contested proposal last year has quietly become a reality, and in the process Dartmouth has lost some of that celebrated collegiate ambiance. The personality of this school is derived from the notion of undergraduate education itself.

Price of alcohol treatment is out of hand

Alcohol has once again proven to be the bane of the College, but thanks to a new price adjustment the evil demons in spirits of wine are more intensely molesting the students themselves.

NAD celebration embraces all

In a time when cultural rifts plunge more people daily into abysmal depths of ignorance and hate, the College should be exceedingly grateful for the Native Americans at Dartmouth.

Do not realign baseball

Next year I suppose I will be waiting anxiously to see if my hometown baseball team can earn a wild card berth in the American League Central division.