Echo Brown


Still In Awe

When they declared Barack Obama the winner, all of the big-screen televisions in Times Square started projecting images of him and his family with the subtext "President Elect." And I just started screaming, "I can't believe it!" I was screaming and crying so loud that three photographers took a picture of me, and I lost my voice for the next three days. In that moment, it was as if my entire existence on this planet had been validated.

Fear Lies Within

Three years ago during my freshman year at Dartmouth I wrote an op-ed for this very publication called "The End of White Male Superiority." The piece argued for the continued necessity of affirmative action in American society. As indicated by the title, the article was accusatory, targeting one group of individuals -- white males -- as being responsible for social ills related to race. Not only did the editorial reveal the closed mindedness and arrogance of the author, but it also illuminated her personal biases and misunderstandings. Reinforced by family, friends and society, these biases were so ingrained in me that they seemed more like unquestionable truths. We all harbor such "truths." After attending a three-day workshop last winter called Deep Community, I began to dismantle some of the biases that had been imbedded in me since childhood. The workshop explores the personal, institutional and social dynamics of identity construction and community, examining some of the many social identities that human beings acquire and how such identities are often used divisively. In addition to exploring identity, Deep Community offers several community-building tools for diverse environments such as college campuses. Dartmouth offers a lot of diversity programming that intends to promote inclusiveness by developing a community of students attuned to and accepting of difference. Deep Community differs from this kind of appraoch by encouraging one to examine carefully their personal social identities.

Unequal Justice

For as long as I can remember, I have distrusted the American criminal justice system. The inability of the system to properly administer equal justice to all American citizens has fostered my skepticism.

In the Name of Progress

Shortly after the recent ruling by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court to legalize same-sex marriages, the state legislature unsuccessfully attempted to produce a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriages.

Dean on Education: Not Quite

On Nov. 13, 2003 Howard Dean addressed a large audience in Alumni Hall. The topic of Dean's talk was higher education.

A Message to the '07s

Diversity has become the symbol of higher education. It is what prestigious institutions and businesses strive to achieve.

The End of White Male Superiority

There is a battle brewing on the horizon of this nation's murky shores and misty mountains. The battle is a vestige of a war that once defined and consumed every facet of American society.

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