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Largest, best-preserved T. rex visits Vermont museum

Entering the Montshire Museum of Science’s first floor collections, patrons on Saturday were confronted by a monster 42 feet long and 13 feet tall. They stared awestruck at its whopping 58 teeth, the longest measuring over a foot long, and shuddered to think of the destruction that the 14,000-pound beast could inflict.



Rotunda paintings invite reflection

Entering the Hopkins Center, it’s difficult to miss the latest Barrows Rotunda exhibit, an oil-on-canvas work titled “Indulgent” created using stencils for both the faceless human figures and the striking yellow background. It depicts a room with two human figures, one of whom almost blends into the yellow background of the wall. The other figure is seated on the ground, leaning on one arm.



Student Spotlight: Haley Reicher '17

In her short time at Dartmouth, Haley Reicher ’17 has already made a name for herself in the campus arts community. Reicher has performed in two of the theater department’s main stage productions and sings regularly in her a cappella group, the Sing Dynasty.


Rollins Chapel to host experimental concert

On Thursday evening, the pulsing tones of Phill Niblock’s recorded music will reverberate throughout Rollins Chapel as the audience watches images from Niblock’s “The Movement of People Working” series. Niblock’s layered soundscapes will combine with evocative visuals in a rare audiovisual experiment. The upcoming concert will include two of about 20 films from “The Movement of People Working” series, both of which were filmed in China in 1986 and 1987. The two films have never been shown side by side in any concert before, Niblock said, because he rejects any set pairing between film and music.



Student Spotlight: Elizabeth Niehaus ’14

One summer day during high school, Elizabeth Niehaus ’14 discovered her passion for art while in a British museum, after staring at a painting for 30 minutes. “In that moment, I realized how much meaning there is if you truly dedicate the time,” she said. “It may sound boring, but new ideas, new connections and new meanings just keep coming up to you.”



Latest DSO performance features soloist Wang ’14

On Saturday night, Spaulding Auditorium was packed as the Dartmouth Symphony Orchestra unveiled the culmination of its hard work this term with Schumann’s Piano Concerto in A minor and Brahms’ Symphony No. 4 in E minor.



Mechanicals shine in ‘The Winter’s Tale’

The Dartmouth Rude Mechanicals left its audiences crying and laughing during its performance of William Shakespeare’s “The Winter’s Tale” in Bentley Theater on Friday and Saturday, marking a promising beginning for the new year for the group.


Abbott reads memoir 'Fairyland'

Margaret Rowland / The Dartmouth Senior Staff On Monday afternoon, the sound of voices filled the normally silent Wren Room in Sanborn House.