D.J. Gelner


Jose Canseco's new book throws major league a nasty curveball

Leave it to Jose Canseco. The muscle-bound, steroid-using meathead now has another title to add to his lengthy resume -- whistleblower. We have been hearing rumblings of a tell-all book from Canseco for quite a while now, and until recently, the idea was laughed at.

Signs of brilliance shone Saturday

Call off the FBI. Stop combing the area. It appears men's hockey coach Bob Gaudet has finally found some line combinations that work. After coping with the season-ending injury to star winger Hugh Jessiman '06, many of the Big Green faithfuls were becoming fed up with the inconsistent play of the makeshift lines thrown on the ice. But Saturday night at Thompson Arena, it all finally seemed to click.

Houston and St. Louis lead battle for NL pennant

Throughout Florida and Arizona lockers are being cleared out, trucks are being packed and players are finally spending more time on the baseball field than the golf course as teams prepare to end spring training and begin Major League Baseball's regular season. While this time of year is usually littered with hackneyed phrases like "On opening day, every team is in first place!" or "At the beginning of the year, everyone is in playoff contention," these clichs have historically served little more purpose than to fill up a sentimental piece about the smell of peanut shells and grass that emerge with the dawn of every new season. However, after consecutive championships by the mid-to-small market Angels and Marlins, it seems as though for once these empty words hold some meaning.

Steroids run rampant throughout professional baseball

This past week, federal prosecutors announced that they had found evidence that six professional athletes -- including baseball stars Barry Bonds, Jason Giambi and Gary Sheffield -- had received human growth hormone (hGH) and the designer steroid tetrahydrogestrinone (THG) from BALCO Labs. While this new information has certainly raised some questions about the integrity of Major League Baseball, was it really unexpected?

Yanks, Sox make the right moves

With the Major League Baseball season winding down, and the passing of the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline, several contenders made bold moves to improve their clubs for the stretch run, while others decided to stand pat, citing fiscal constraints and a general lack of talent available with so many teams in the thick of the wild card race.

Baseball deals important as trade deadline looms

With Major League Baseball's non-waiver trade deadline just over a week away, rumors abound as to which teams will act as "buyers" to stockpile talent for a potential pennant race, and which teams will be "sellers," offering high-priced veterans in return for prospects that may (or may not) be able to help them in coming years.

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